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Healthy Smile Happy Smile, provides the basic need-to-know oral health information that is important for children. The simple format and informative sections will assist you in teaching the topic and working with parents. It helps teachers promote good oral health to students, building habits that will last a lifetime. It encourages children to care about themselves and take responsibility for their own oral health. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to promote the importance of good oral health habits to both your students and their parents.


Child Oral Health Card

Child Oral Health Card crystallizes the IDA's aim for optimal health of the future.


Family Oral Health Card

Family Oral Health Card crystallizes the IDA' s aim for optimal health of the families.


IDA Certified Centres
60-80% children in India suffer from caries.
About 30% children suffer from malaligned teeth and jaws.
One basic myth is that the milk teeth are not important.
Nearly 50% Indians do not use a toothbrush.
50% people do not use a toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning teeth.

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